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enum notes_merge_verbosity {
struct notes_merge_options {
const char *local_ref;
const char *remote_ref;
struct strbuf commit_msg;
int verbosity;
enum {
} strategy;
unsigned has_worktree:1;
void init_notes_merge_options(struct notes_merge_options *o);
* Create new notes commit from the given notes tree
* Properties of the created commit:
* - tree: the result of converting t to a tree object with write_notes_tree().
* - parents: the given parents OR (if NULL) the commit referenced by t->ref.
* - author/committer: the default determined by commmit_tree().
* - commit message: msg
* The resulting commit SHA1 is stored in result_sha1.
void create_notes_commit(struct notes_tree *t, struct commit_list *parents,
const struct strbuf *msg, unsigned char *result_sha1);
* Merge notes from o->remote_ref into o->local_ref
* The given notes_tree 'local_tree' must be the notes_tree referenced by the
* o->local_ref. This is the notes_tree in which the object-level merge is
* performed.
* The commits given by the two refs are merged, producing one of the following
* outcomes:
* 1. The merge trivially results in an existing commit (e.g. fast-forward or
* already-up-to-date). 'local_tree' is untouched, the SHA1 of the result
* is written into 'result_sha1' and 0 is returned.
* 2. The merge successfully completes, producing a merge commit. local_tree
* contains the updated notes tree, the SHA1 of the resulting commit is
* written into 'result_sha1', and 1 is returned.
* 3. The merge results in conflicts. This is similar to #2 in that the
* partial merge result (i.e. merge result minus the unmerged entries)
* are stored in 'local_tree', and the SHA1 or the resulting commit
* (to be amended when the conflicts have been resolved) is written into
* 'result_sha1'. The unmerged entries are written into the
* .git/NOTES_MERGE_WORKTREE directory with conflict markers.
* -1 is returned.
* Both o->local_ref and o->remote_ref must be given (non-NULL), but either ref
* (although not both) may refer to a non-existing notes ref, in which case
* that notes ref is interpreted as an empty notes tree, and the merge
* trivially results in what the other ref points to.
int notes_merge(struct notes_merge_options *o,
struct notes_tree *local_tree,
unsigned char *result_sha1);
* Finalize conflict resolution from an earlier notes_merge()
* The given notes tree 'partial_tree' must be the notes_tree corresponding to
* the given 'partial_commit', the partial result commit created by a previous
* call to notes_merge().
* This function will add the (now resolved) notes in .git/NOTES_MERGE_WORKTREE
* to 'partial_tree', and create a final notes merge commit, the SHA1 of which
* will be stored in 'result_sha1'.
int notes_merge_commit(struct notes_merge_options *o,
struct notes_tree *partial_tree,
struct commit *partial_commit,
unsigned char *result_sha1);
* Abort conflict resolution from an earlier notes_merge()
* Removes the notes merge worktree in .git/NOTES_MERGE_WORKTREE.
int notes_merge_abort(struct notes_merge_options *o);
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