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* SHA-1 implementation optimized for ARM
* Copyright: (C) 2005 by Nicolas Pitre <>
* Created: September 17, 2005
#include <stdint.h>
typedef struct {
uint64_t len;
uint32_t hash[5];
unsigned char buffer[64];
} arm_SHA_CTX;
void arm_SHA1_Init(arm_SHA_CTX *c);
void arm_SHA1_Update(arm_SHA_CTX *c, const void *p, unsigned long n);
void arm_SHA1_Final(unsigned char *hash, arm_SHA_CTX *c);
#define git_SHA_CTX arm_SHA_CTX
#define git_SHA1_Init arm_SHA1_Init
#define git_SHA1_Update arm_SHA1_Update
#define git_SHA1_Final arm_SHA1_Final
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