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# Copyright (c) 2010 Bo Yang
test_description='Test --follow should always find copies hard in git log.
. ./
echo >path0 'Line 1
Line 2
Line 3
test_expect_success \
'add a file path0 and commit.' \
'git add path0 &&
git commit -m "Add path0"'
echo >path0 'New line 1
New line 2
New line 3
test_expect_success \
'Change path0.' \
'git add path0 &&
git commit -m "Change path0"'
cat <path0 >path1
test_expect_success \
'copy path0 to path1.' \
'git add path1 &&
git commit -m "Copy path1 from path0"'
test_expect_success \
'find the copy path0 -> path1 harder' \
'git log --follow --name-status --pretty="format:%s" path1 > current'
cat >expected <<\EOF
Copy path1 from path0
C100 path0 path1
Change path0
M path0
Add path0
A path0
test_expect_success \
'validate the output.' \
'compare_diff_patch current expected'
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