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# A description of the repository used for this test can be found in
# t9602/README.
test_description='git cvsimport handling of branches and tags'
. ./
setup_cvs_test_repository t9602
test_expect_success PERL 'import module' '
git cvsimport -C module-git module
test_expect_success PERL 'test branch master' '
test_cmp_branch_tree master
test_expect_success PERL 'test branch vendorbranch' '
test_cmp_branch_tree vendorbranch
test_expect_failure PERL 'test branch B_FROM_INITIALS' '
test_cmp_branch_tree B_FROM_INITIALS
test_expect_failure PERL 'test branch B_FROM_INITIALS_BUT_ONE' '
test_cmp_branch_tree B_FROM_INITIALS_BUT_ONE
test_expect_failure PERL 'test branch B_MIXED' '
test_cmp_branch_tree B_MIXED
test_expect_success PERL 'test branch B_SPLIT' '
test_cmp_branch_tree B_SPLIT
test_expect_failure PERL 'test tag vendortag' '
test_cmp_branch_tree vendortag
test_expect_success PERL 'test tag T_ALL_INITIAL_FILES' '
test_cmp_branch_tree T_ALL_INITIAL_FILES
test_expect_failure PERL 'test tag T_ALL_INITIAL_FILES_BUT_ONE' '
test_cmp_branch_tree T_ALL_INITIAL_FILES_BUT_ONE
test_expect_failure PERL 'test tag T_MIXED' '
test_cmp_branch_tree T_MIXED