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struct transport;
* Take callback data, and return next object name in the buffer.
* When called after returning the name for the last object, return -1
* to signal EOF, otherwise return 0.
typedef int (*sha1_iterate_fn)(void *, unsigned char [20]);
* Make sure that our object store has all the commits necessary to
* connect the ancestry chain to some of our existing refs, and all
* the trees and blobs that these commits use.
* Return 0 if Ok, non zero otherwise (i.e. some missing objects)
extern int check_everything_connected(sha1_iterate_fn, int quiet, void *cb_data);
extern int check_shallow_connected(sha1_iterate_fn, int quiet, void *cb_data,
const char *shallow_file);
extern int check_everything_connected_with_transport(sha1_iterate_fn, int quiet,
void *cb_data,
struct transport *transport);
#endif /* CONNECTED_H */
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