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# Copyright (c) 2005 Junio C Hamano
# Fetch one or more remote refs and merge it/them into the current HEAD.
. git-sh-setup || die "Not a git archive"
orig_head=$(cat "$GIT_DIR/HEAD") || die "Pulling into a black hole?"
git-fetch --update-head-ok "$@" || exit 1
curr_head=$(cat "$GIT_DIR/HEAD")
if test "$curr_head" != "$orig_head"
# The fetch involved updating the current branch.
# The working tree and the index file is still based on the
# $orig_head commit, but we are merging into $curr_head.
# First update the working tree to match $curr_head.
echo >&2 "Warning: fetch updated the current branch head."
echo >&2 "Warning: fast forwarding your working tree."
git-read-tree -u -m "$orig_head" "$curr_head" ||
die "You need to first update your working tree."
merge_head=$(sed -e 's/ .*//' "$GIT_DIR"/FETCH_HEAD | tr '\012' ' ')
perl -e 'print join("; ", map { chomp; s/^[0-9a-f]* //; $_ } <>)' \
case "$merge_head" in
echo >&2 "No changes."
exit 0
*' '?*)
echo >&2 "Pulling more than one heads; making an Octopus."
exec git-octopus
git-resolve \
"$(cat "$GIT_DIR"/HEAD)" \
$merge_head "Merge $merge_name"
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