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# Copyright (c) 2005 Junio C Hamano.
USAGE='<upstream> [<head>]'
. git-sh-setup
case $# in 1|2) ;; *) usage ;; esac
# Make sure we do not have .dotest
if mkdir .dotest
rmdir .dotest
echo >&2 '
It seems that I cannot create a .dotest directory, and I wonder if you
are in the middle of patch application or another rebase. If that is not
the case, please rm -fr .dotest and run me again. I am stopping in case
you still have something valuable there.'
exit 1
# The tree must be really really clean.
git-update-index --refresh || exit
diff=$(git-diff-index --cached --name-status -r HEAD)
case "$diff" in
?*) echo "$diff"
exit 1
# The other head is given. Make sure it is valid.
other=$(git-rev-parse --verify "$1^0") || usage
# Make sure the branch to rebase is valid.
head=$(git-rev-parse --verify "${2-HEAD}^0") || exit
# If the branch to rebase is given, first switch to it.
case "$#" in
git-checkout "$2" || usage
mb=$(git-merge-base "$other" "$head")
# Check if we are already based on $other.
if test "$mb" = "$other"
echo >&2 "Current branch `git-symbolic-ref HEAD` is up to date."
exit 0
# Rewind the head to "$other"
git-reset --hard "$other"
# If the $other is a proper descendant of the tip of the branch, then
# we just fast forwarded.
if test "$mb" = "$head"
echo >&2 "Fast-forwarded $head to $other."
exit 0
git-format-patch -k --stdout --full-index "$other" ORIG_HEAD |
git am --binary -3 -k
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