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#ifndef SHA1_ARRAY_H
#define SHA1_ARRAY_H
struct sha1_array {
unsigned char (*sha1)[20];
int nr;
int alloc;
int sorted;
#define SHA1_ARRAY_INIT { NULL, 0, 0, 0 }
void sha1_array_append(struct sha1_array *array, const unsigned char *sha1);
void sha1_array_sort(struct sha1_array *array);
int sha1_array_lookup(struct sha1_array *array, const unsigned char *sha1);
void sha1_array_clear(struct sha1_array *array);
typedef void (*for_each_sha1_fn)(const unsigned char sha1[20],
void *data);
void sha1_array_for_each_unique(struct sha1_array *array,
for_each_sha1_fn fn,
void *data);
#endif /* SHA1_ARRAY_H */
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