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#ifndef COLUMN_H
#define COLUMN_H
#define COL_LAYOUT_MASK 0x000F
#define COL_ENABLE_MASK 0x0030 /* always, never or auto */
#define COL_PARSEOPT 0x0040 /* --column is given from cmdline */
#define COL_DENSE 0x0080 /* Shrink columns when possible,
making space for more columns */
#define COL_DISABLED 0x0000 /* must be zero */
#define COL_ENABLED 0x0010
#define COL_AUTO 0x0020
#define COL_LAYOUT(c) ((c) & COL_LAYOUT_MASK)
#define COL_COLUMN 0 /* Fill columns before rows */
#define COL_ROW 1 /* Fill rows before columns */
#define COL_PLAIN 15 /* one column */
#define explicitly_enable_column(c) \
(((c) & COL_PARSEOPT) && column_active(c))
struct column_options {
int width;
int padding;
const char *indent;
const char *nl;
struct option;
extern int parseopt_column_callback(const struct option *, const char *, int);
extern int git_column_config(const char *var, const char *value,
const char *command, unsigned int *colopts);
extern int finalize_colopts(unsigned int *colopts, int stdout_is_tty);
static inline int column_active(unsigned int colopts)
return (colopts & COL_ENABLE_MASK) == COL_ENABLED;
extern void print_columns(const struct string_list *list, unsigned int colopts,
const struct column_options *opts);
extern int run_column_filter(int colopts, const struct column_options *);
extern int stop_column_filter(void);
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