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# Copyright (c) 2005 Amos Waterland
# Copyright (c) 2006 Christian Couder
test_description='git pack-refs should not change the branch semantic
This test runs git pack-refs and git show-ref and checks that the branch
semantic is still the same.
. ./
echo '[core] logallrefupdates = true' >>.git/config
test_expect_success \
'prepare a trivial repository' \
'echo Hello > A &&
git update-index --add A &&
git commit -m "Initial commit." &&
HEAD=$(git rev-parse --verify HEAD)'
test_expect_success \
'see if git show-ref works as expected' \
'git branch a &&
SHA1=`cat .git/refs/heads/a` &&
echo "$SHA1 refs/heads/a" >expect &&
git show-ref a >result &&
test_cmp expect result'
test_expect_success \
'see if a branch still exists when packed' \
'git branch b &&
git pack-refs --all &&
rm -f .git/refs/heads/b &&
echo "$SHA1 refs/heads/b" >expect &&
git show-ref b >result &&
test_cmp expect result'
test_expect_success 'git branch c/d should barf if branch c exists' '
git branch c &&
git pack-refs --all &&
rm -f .git/refs/heads/c &&
test_must_fail git branch c/d
test_expect_success \
'see if a branch still exists after git pack-refs --prune' \
'git branch e &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
echo "$SHA1 refs/heads/e" >expect &&
git show-ref e >result &&
test_cmp expect result'
test_expect_success 'see if git pack-refs --prune remove ref files' '
git branch f &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
! test -f .git/refs/heads/f
test_expect_success 'see if git pack-refs --prune removes empty dirs' '
git branch r/s/t &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
! test -e .git/refs/heads/r
test_expect_success \
'git branch g should work when git branch g/h has been deleted' \
'git branch g/h &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
git branch -d g/h &&
git branch g &&
git pack-refs --all &&
git branch -d g'
test_expect_success 'git branch i/j/k should barf if branch i exists' '
git branch i &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
test_must_fail git branch i/j/k
test_expect_success \
'test git branch k after branch k/l/m and k/lm have been deleted' \
'git branch k/l &&
git branch k/lm &&
git branch -d k/l &&
git branch k/l/m &&
git branch -d k/l/m &&
git branch -d k/lm &&
git branch k'
test_expect_success \
'test git branch n after some branch deletion and pruning' \
'git branch n/o &&
git branch n/op &&
git branch -d n/o &&
git branch n/o/p &&
git branch -d n/op &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
git branch -d n/o/p &&
git branch n'
test_expect_success \
'see if up-to-date packed refs are preserved' \
'git branch q &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
git update-ref refs/heads/q refs/heads/q &&
! test -f .git/refs/heads/q'
test_expect_success 'pack, prune and repack' '
git tag foo &&
git pack-refs --all --prune &&
git show-ref >all-of-them &&
git pack-refs &&
git show-ref >again &&
test_cmp all-of-them again
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