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#include "cache.h"
#include "run-command.h"
#include "strbuf.h"
#include "gpg-interface.h"
#include "sigchain.h"
static char *configured_signing_key;
static const char *gpg_program = "gpg";
void set_signing_key(const char *key)
configured_signing_key = xstrdup(key);
int git_gpg_config(const char *var, const char *value, void *cb)
if (!strcmp(var, "user.signingkey")) {
if (!strcmp(var, "gpg.program")) {
if (!value)
return config_error_nonbool(var);
gpg_program = xstrdup(value);
return 0;
const char *get_signing_key(void)
if (configured_signing_key)
return configured_signing_key;
return git_committer_info(IDENT_STRICT|IDENT_NO_DATE);
* Create a detached signature for the contents of "buffer" and append
* it after "signature"; "buffer" and "signature" can be the same
* strbuf instance, which would cause the detached signature appended
* at the end.
int sign_buffer(struct strbuf *buffer, struct strbuf *signature, const char *signing_key)
struct child_process gpg;
const char *args[4];
ssize_t len;
size_t i, j, bottom;
memset(&gpg, 0, sizeof(gpg));
gpg.argv = args; = -1;
gpg.out = -1;
args[0] = gpg_program;
args[1] = "-bsau";
args[2] = signing_key;
args[3] = NULL;
if (start_command(&gpg))
return error(_("could not run gpg."));
* When the username signingkey is bad, program could be terminated
* because gpg exits without reading and then write gets SIGPIPE.
sigchain_push(SIGPIPE, SIG_IGN);
if (write_in_full(, buffer->buf, buffer->len) != buffer->len) {
return error(_("gpg did not accept the data"));
bottom = signature->len;
len = strbuf_read(signature, gpg.out, 1024);
if (finish_command(&gpg) || !len || len < 0)
return error(_("gpg failed to sign the data"));
/* Strip CR from the line endings, in case we are on Windows. */
for (i = j = bottom; i < signature->len; i++)
if (signature->buf[i] != '\r') {
if (i != j)
signature->buf[j] = signature->buf[i];
strbuf_setlen(signature, j);
return 0;
* Run "gpg" to see if the payload matches the detached signature.
* gpg_output, when set, receives the diagnostic output from GPG.
int verify_signed_buffer(const char *payload, size_t payload_size,
const char *signature, size_t signature_size,
struct strbuf *gpg_output)
struct child_process gpg;
const char *args_gpg[] = {NULL, "--verify", "FILE", "-", NULL};
char path[PATH_MAX];
int fd, ret;
args_gpg[0] = gpg_program;
fd = git_mkstemp(path, PATH_MAX, ".git_vtag_tmpXXXXXX");
if (fd < 0)
return error("could not create temporary file '%s': %s",
path, strerror(errno));
if (write_in_full(fd, signature, signature_size) < 0)
return error("failed writing detached signature to '%s': %s",
path, strerror(errno));
memset(&gpg, 0, sizeof(gpg));
gpg.argv = args_gpg; = -1;
if (gpg_output)
gpg.err = -1;
args_gpg[2] = path;
if (start_command(&gpg)) {
return error("could not run gpg.");
write_in_full(, payload, payload_size);
if (gpg_output)
strbuf_read(gpg_output, gpg.err, 0);
ret = finish_command(&gpg);
return ret;