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Merge branch 'mo/cvs-server-cleanup'

Cleanups to prepare for mo/cvs-server-updates.

* mo/cvs-server-cleanup:
  Use character class for sed expression instead of \s
  cvsserver status: provide real sticky info
  cvsserver: cvs add: do not expand directory arguments
  cvsserver: use whole CVS rev number in-process; don't strip "1." prefix
  cvsserver: split up long lines in req_{status,diff,log}
  cvsserver: clean up client request handler map comments
  cvsserver: remove unused functions _headrev and gethistory
  cvsserver update: comment about how we shouldn't remove a user-modified file
  cvsserver: add comments about database schema/usage
  cvsserver: removed unused sha1Or-k mode from kopts_from_path
  cvsserver t9400: add basic 'cvs log' test
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2 parents 05eda51 + db7fde9 commit 3aedff6b60a29f42bc168c45e42cb1da88ecfc41 @peff peff committed Nov 9, 2012
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