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Merge branch 'fc/remote-hg'

New remote helper for hg.

* fc/remote-hg: (22 commits)
  remote-hg: fix for older versions of python
  remote-hg: fix for files with spaces
  remote-hg: avoid bad refs
  remote-hg: try the 'tip' if no checkout present
  remote-hg: fix compatibility with older versions of hg
  remote-hg: add missing config for basic tests
  remote-hg: the author email can be null
  remote-hg: add option to not track branches
  remote-hg: add extra author test
  remote-hg: add tests to compare with hg-git
  remote-hg: add bidirectional tests
  test-lib: avoid full path to store test results
  remote-hg: add basic tests
  remote-hg: fake bookmark when there's none
  remote-hg: add compat for hg-git author fixes
  remote-hg: add support for hg-git compat mode
  remote-hg: match hg merge behavior
  remote-hg: make sure the encoding is correct
  remote-hg: add support to push URLs
  remote-hg: add support for remote pushing
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2 parents 05ea76e + 1e31055 commit 545492f0783f115ba2f9076471baf91d991337fe @gitster gitster committed Nov 29, 2012
@@ -0,0 +1,13 @@
+TESTS := $(wildcard test*.sh)
+export T := $(addprefix $(CURDIR)/,$(TESTS))
+export MAKE := $(MAKE) -e
+export PATH := $(CURDIR):$(PATH)
+ $(MAKE) -C ../../t $@
+ $(MAKE) -C ../../t $(CURDIR)/$@
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