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Merge branch 'tr/packed-object-info-wo-recursion' into jch

Attempts to reduce the stack footprint of sha1_object_info()
and unpack_entry() codepaths.

* tr/packed-object-info-wo-recursion:
  sha1_file: remove recursion in unpack_entry
  Refactor parts of in_delta_base_cache/cache_or_unpack_entry
  sha1_file: remove recursion in packed_object_info
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2 parents 9e47086 + abe601b commit 84c926e584364ced32963d6fe432f3aac6edc8f3 @gitster gitster committed Apr 4, 2013
Showing with 266 additions and 145 deletions.
  1. +266 −145 sha1_file.c
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