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Merge branch 'pw/p4-submit-conflicts'

Add '--conflict' option to git-p4 subcommand to specify what action
to take when conflicts are found during 'p4 submit'.

* pw/p4-submit-conflicts:
  git-p4: add submit --conflict option and config varaiable
  git p4: add submit --prepare-p4-only option
  git p4: add submit --dry-run option
  git p4: accept -v for --verbose
  git p4: revert deleted files after submit cancel
  git p4: rearrange submit template construction
  git p4: test clean-up after failed submit, fix added files
  git p4: standardize submit cancel due to unchanged template
  git p4: move conflict prompt into run, add [q]uit input
  git p4: remove submit failure options [a]pply and [w]rite
  git p4: gracefully fail if some commits could not be applied
  git p4 test: remove bash-ism of combined export/assignment
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@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ All commands except clone accept these options.
--git-dir <dir>::
Set the 'GIT_DIR' environment variable. See linkgit:git[1].
+--verbose, -v::
Provide more progress information.
Sync options
@@ -269,6 +269,24 @@ These options can be used to modify 'git p4 submit' behavior.
Export tags from git as p4 labels. Tags found in git are applied
to the perforce working directory.
+--dry-run, -n::
+ Show just what commits would be submitted to p4; do not change
+ state in git or p4.
+ Apply a commit to the p4 workspace, opening, adding and deleting
+ files in p4 as for a normal submit operation. Do not issue the
+ final "p4 submit", but instead print a message about how to
+ submit manually or revert. This option always stops after the
+ first (oldest) commit. Git tags are not exported to p4.
+ Conflicts can occur when applying a commit to p4. When this
+ happens, the default behavior ("ask") is to prompt whether to
+ skip this commit and continue, or quit. This option can be used
+ to bypass the prompt, causing conflicting commits to be automatically
+ skipped, or to quit trying to apply commits, without prompting.
Rebase options
These options can be used to modify 'git p4 rebase' behavior.
@@ -519,6 +537,10 @@ git-p4.labelExportRegexp::
Only p4 labels matching this regular expression will be exported. The
default value is '[a-zA-Z0-9_\-.]+$'.
+ Specify submit behavior when a conflict with p4 is found, as per
+ --conflict. The default behavior is 'ask'.
* Changesets from p4 are imported using git fast-import.
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