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+Git v1.7.11.6 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.7.11.5
+This is primarily documentation and low-impact code clarification.
+ - "ciabot" script (in contrib/) has been updated with extensive
+ documentation.
+ - The "--rebase" option to "git pull" can be abbreviated to "-r",
+ but we didn't document it.
+ - It was generally understood that "--long-option"s to many of our
+ subcommands can be abbreviated to the unique prefix, but it was not
+ easy to find it described for new readers of the documentation set.
+ - The "--topo-order", "--date-order" (and the lack of either means
+ the default order) options to "rev-list" and "log" family of
+ commands were poorly described in the documentation.
+ - Older parts of the documentation described as if having a regular
+ file in .git/refs/ hierarchy were the only way to have branches and
+ tags, which is not true for quite some time.
+ - A utility shell function test_seq has been added as a replacement
+ for the 'seq' utility found on some platforms.
+ - Fallback 'getpass' implementation made unportable use of stdio API.
+ - "git commit --amend" let the user edit the log message and then
+ died when the human-readable committer name was given
+ insufficiently by getpwent(3).
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