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sequencer: extract helper to update active_cache_tree

This patch extracts the code from is_index_unchanged() to initialize or
update the index' cache tree (i.e. a tree object reflecting the current
index' top-level tree).

The new helper will be used in the upcoming code to support `git rebase
-i --root` via the sequencer.

Signed-off-by: Johannes Schindelin <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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dscho authored and gitster committed May 3, 2018
1 parent 25cff9f commit ba97aea1659e249a3a58ecc5f583ee2056a90ad8
Showing with 18 additions and 9 deletions.
  1. +18 −9 sequencer.c
@@ -562,9 +562,23 @@ static int do_recursive_merge(struct commit *base, struct commit *next,
return !clean;

static struct object_id *get_cache_tree_oid(void)
if (!active_cache_tree)
active_cache_tree = cache_tree();

if (!cache_tree_fully_valid(active_cache_tree))
if (cache_tree_update(&the_index, 0)) {
error(_("unable to update cache tree"));
return NULL;

return &active_cache_tree->oid;

static int is_index_unchanged(void)
struct object_id head_oid;
struct object_id head_oid, *cache_tree_oid;
struct commit *head_commit;

if (!resolve_ref_unsafe("HEAD", RESOLVE_REF_READING, &head_oid, NULL))
@@ -583,15 +597,10 @@ static int is_index_unchanged(void)
if (parse_commit(head_commit))
return -1;

if (!active_cache_tree)
active_cache_tree = cache_tree();

if (!cache_tree_fully_valid(active_cache_tree))
if (cache_tree_update(&the_index, 0))
return error(_("unable to update cache tree"));
if (!(cache_tree_oid = get_cache_tree_oid()))
return -1;

return !oidcmp(&active_cache_tree->oid,
return !oidcmp(cache_tree_oid, &head_commit->tree->object.oid);

static int write_author_script(const char *message)

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