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Makefile: transport-helper uses thread-utils.h

transport-helper.o gained a dependency on thread-utils.h in
7851b1e (remote-fd/ext: finishing touches after code review,

Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 parent 2f76a26 commit e4117b1fe8fa17f54ea30997255299ba5650f445 @jrn jrn committed with gitster Dec 10, 2010
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@@ -1937,13 +1937,12 @@ builtin/branch.o builtin/checkout.o builtin/clone.o builtin/reset.o branch.o tra
builtin/bundle.o bundle.o transport.o: bundle.h
builtin/bisect--helper.o builtin/rev-list.o bisect.o: bisect.h
builtin/clone.o builtin/fetch-pack.o transport.o: fetch-pack.h
-builtin/grep.o: thread-utils.h
+builtin/grep.o builtin/pack-objects.o transport-helper.o: thread-utils.h
builtin/send-pack.o transport.o: send-pack.h
builtin/log.o builtin/shortlog.o: shortlog.h
builtin/prune.o builtin/reflog.o reachable.o: reachable.h
builtin/commit.o builtin/revert.o wt-status.o: wt-status.h
builtin/tar-tree.o archive-tar.o: tar.h
-builtin/pack-objects.o: thread-utils.h
connect.o transport.o http-backend.o: url.h
http-fetch.o http-walker.o remote-curl.o transport.o walker.o: walker.h
http.o http-walker.o http-push.o http-fetch.o remote-curl.o: http.h

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