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Update draft release notes to 1.8.0

Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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1 parent fa11d7c commit f84667def209e4a84e37e8488a08e9eca3f208c1 @gitster gitster committed Oct 2, 2012
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12 Documentation/RelNotes/1.8.0.txt
@@ -62,6 +62,10 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* "git grep" learned to use a non-standard pattern type by default if
a configuration variable tells it to.
+ * "git log -g" learned the "--grep-reflog=<pattern>" option to limit
+ its output to commits with a reflog message that matches the given
+ pattern.
* "git merge-base" learned the "--is-ancestor A B" option to tell if A is
an ancestor of B. The result is indicated by its exit status code.
@@ -149,6 +153,11 @@ to them for details).
* When "git am" is fed an input that has multiple "Content-type: ..."
header, it did not grok charset= attribute correctly.
+ * A patch attached as application/octet-stream (e.g. not text/*) were
+ mishandled, not correctly honoring Content-Transfer-Encoding
+ (e.g. base64).
+ (merge 9d55b2e lt/mailinfo-handle-attachment-more-sanely later to maint).
* "git blame MAKEFILE" run in a history that has "Makefile" but not
"MAKEFILE" should say "No such file MAKEFILE in HEAD", but got
confused on a case insensitive filesystem and failed to do so.
@@ -206,6 +215,9 @@ to them for details).
its Accept-Encoding header.
(merge aa90b96 sp/maint-http-enable-gzip later to maint).
+ * "git gc --auto" notified the user that auto-packing has triggered
+ even under the "--quiet" option.
* After "gitk" showed the contents of a tag, neither "Reread
references" nor "Reload" updated what is shown as the
contents of it when the user overwrote the tag with "git tag -f".

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