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Commits on Dec 22, 2014
  1. @gitster

    Merge branch 'sb/string-list'

    gitster authored
    API simplification.
    * sb/string-list:
      string_list: remove string_list_insert_at_index() from its API
      mailmap: use higher level string list functions
      string_list: document string_list_(insert,lookup)
Commits on Jan 21, 2013
  1. @gitster

    Merge branch 'ap/log-mailmap'

    gitster authored
    Teach commands in the "log" family to optionally pay attention to
    the mailmap.
    * ap/log-mailmap:
      log --use-mailmap: optimize for cases without --author/--committer search
      log: add log.mailmap configuration option
      log: grep author/committer using mailmap
      test: add test for --use-mailmap option
      log: add --use-mailmap option
      pretty: use mailmap to display username and email
      mailmap: add mailmap structure to rev_info and pp
      mailmap: simplify map_user() interface
      mailmap: remove email copy and length limitation
      Use split_ident_line to parse author and committer
      string-list: allow case-insensitive string list
Commits on Jan 7, 2013
  1. @gitster

    string-list: allow case-insensitive string list

    gitster authored
    Some string list needs to be searched case insensitively, and for
    that to work correctly, the string needs to be sorted case
    insensitively from the beginning.
    Allow a custom comparison function to be defined on a string list
    instance and use it throughout in place of strcmp().
    Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Commits on Jan 2, 2013
  1. @gitster

    Merge branch 'mh/ceiling'

    gitster authored
    An element on GIT_CEILING_DIRECTORIES list that does not name the
    real path to a directory (i.e. a symbolic link) could have caused
    the GIT_DIR discovery logic to escape the ceiling.
    * mh/ceiling:
      string_list_longest_prefix(): remove function
      setup_git_directory_gently_1(): resolve symlinks in ceiling paths
      longest_ancestor_length(): require prefix list entries to be normalized
      longest_ancestor_length(): take a string_list argument for prefixes
      longest_ancestor_length(): use string_list_split()
      Introduce new function real_path_if_valid()
      real_path_internal(): add comment explaining use of cwd
      Introduce new static function real_path_internal()
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