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Merge branch 'nd/untracked-cache'

Teach the index to optionally remember already seen untracked files
to speed up "git status" in a working tree with tons of cruft.

* nd/untracked-cache: (24 commits)
  git-status.txt: advertisement for untracked cache
  untracked cache: guard and disable on system changes
  mingw32: add uname()
  t7063: tests for untracked cache
  update-index: test the system before enabling untracked cache
  update-index: manually enable or disable untracked cache
  status: enable untracked cache
  untracked-cache: temporarily disable with $GIT_DISABLE_UNTRACKED_CACHE
  untracked cache: mark index dirty if untracked cache is updated
  untracked cache: print stats with $GIT_TRACE_UNTRACKED_STATS
  untracked cache: avoid racy timestamps
  read-cache.c: split racy stat test to a separate function
  untracked cache: invalidate at index addition or removal
  untracked cache: load from UNTR index extension
  untracked cache: save to an index extension
  ewah: add convenient wrapper ewah_serialize_strbuf()
  untracked cache: don't open non-existent .gitignore
  untracked cache: mark what dirs should be recursed/saved
  untracked cache: record/validate dir mtime and reuse cached output
  untracked cache: make a wrapper around {open,read,close}dir()
latest commit 38ccaf93bb
@gitster gitster authored
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nedmalloc Windows: do not redefine _WIN32_WINNT
poll compat/poll: sleep 1 millisecond to avoid busy wait
regex C: have space around && and || operators
vcbuild Merge branch 'ks/tree-diff-nway'
win32 Win32: Unicode file name support (dirent)
apple-common-crypto.h imap-send: use Apple's Security framework for base64 encoding
basename.c compat: add a basename() compatibility function
bswap.h compat/bswap.h: detect endianness from XL C compiler macros
fopen.c compat/fopen.c: avoid clobbering the system defined fopen macro
gmtime.c date: recognize bogus FreeBSD gmtime output
hstrerror.c Add a local implementation of hstrerror for the system which do not h…
inet_ntop.c Drop system includes from inet_pton/inet_ntop compatibility wrappers
inet_pton.c Drop system includes from inet_pton/inet_ntop compatibility wrappers
memmem.c optimize compat/ memmem()
mingw.c mingw32: add uname()
mingw.h Merge branch 'nd/untracked-cache'
mkdir.c compat: some mkdir() do not like a slash at the end
mkdtemp.c Fix gitmkdtemp: correct test for mktemp() return value
mmap.c wrapper.c: add xpread() similar to xread()
msvc.c win32: use our own dirent.h
msvc.h MSVC: fix stat definition hell
obstack.c obstack.c: Fix some sparse warnings
obstack.h obstack: fix spelling of similar
pread.c Replacing the system call pread() with lseek()/xread()/lseek() sequence.
precompose_utf8.c Set core.precomposeunicode to true on e.g. HFS+
precompose_utf8.h git on Mac OS and precomposed unicode
qsort.c cleanup: use internal memory allocation wrapper functions everywhere
setenv.c compat/setenv.c: error if name contains '='
snprintf.c compat/snprintf: don't look at va_list twice
stat.c compat: convert modes to use portable file type values
strcasestr.c Clean up compatibility definitions.
strlcpy.c simplify inclusion of system header files.
strtoimax.c Add strtoimax() compatibility function.
strtoumax.c Add a compat/strtoumax.c for Solaris 8.
terminal.c mingw: rename WIN32 cpp macro to GIT_WINDOWS_NATIVE
terminal.h add generic terminal prompt function
unsetenv.c Revert "compat/unsetenv.c: Fix a sparse warning"
win32.h mingw: rename WIN32 cpp macro to GIT_WINDOWS_NATIVE
win32mmap.c compat/win32mmap.c: Fix some sparse warnings
winansi.c Win32: reliably detect console pipe handles
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