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Denton-L and gitster contrib/subtree: ensure only one rev is provided
While looking at the inline help for, I noticed that

	git subtree split --prefix=<prefix> <commit...>

was given as an option. However, it only really makes sense to provide
one revision because of the way the commits are forwarded to rev-parse
so change "<commit...>" to "<commit>" to reflect this. In addition,
check the arguments to ensure that only one rev is provided for all
subcommands that accept a commit.

Signed-off-by: Denton Liu <>
Acked-by: Avery Pennarun <>
Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
Latest commit 77128ed Mar 11, 2019
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t subtree test: simplify preparation of expected results Jul 30, 2018
COPYING Add 'contrib/subtree/' from commit 'd3a04e06c77d57978bb5230361c649462… Apr 10, 2012
INSTALL Fix git-subtree install instructions Apr 10, 2012
Makefile Revert "subtree: make install targets depend on build targets" Oct 18, 2018
README Add 'contrib/subtree/' from commit 'd3a04e06c77d57978bb5230361c649462… Apr 10, 2012 contrib/subtree: ensure only one rev is provided Mar 12, 2019
git-subtree.txt Correct mispellings of ".gitmodule" to ".gitmodules" Feb 14, 2018


Please read git-subtree.txt for documentation.

Please don't contact me using github mail; it's slow, ugly, and worst of
all, redundant. Email me instead at and I'll be happy to

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