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Hello world in every programming language
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.gitignore Added dylan
BIT.bit Added BIT , a horribly verbose language
Eiffel.eiff Added Eiffel
Io.Io Added Io ->
ada.ada added ADA
apc.apc Accidentally named apc.apc even though they are two totally d…
applescript.scpt Added Applescript
awk.awk Added awk added Befunge Added BooScript and Coldfusion
brainf* Added brainf*ck , a language which is aptly named
c++.cpp Use endl instead of hardcoded newline in c++.cpp
c.c Converted c.c to ansi c
clipper.prg Added Clipper
clisp.lisp Added CLisp
coldfusion.cfm Added BooScript and Coldfusion
csharp.cs Added C#
d.D added D
delphi.delphi Added Delphi
delphi.pas Added delphi
dos.bat Added dos batch
dylan.dl Added dylan
erlang_hw.erl added erlang
focal.fc Added FOCAL
fortran.f90 Added fortran
fortran77.f77 added fortran 77
haskell.hs Added Haskell.
hq9+.h Added hq9+ fixed
javascript.js added javascript
linux-x86.nasm Added x86 linux assembler (nasm syntax)
lua.lua Added lua.lua add Nu and Scheme Added OCaml
pascal.p Added pascal Added perl
php.php Added php Changed to to keep with my naming conventions
ruby.rb Added Ruby
scheme.scm better scheme Added shell script
telephone Written on an actual telephone keypad
turing.oot Removed the exclamation mark from the Turing example for consistencie…
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