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head fork: git001/reddit
compare: 0bf8d7b9be
Commits on May 31, 2012
Neil Williams spladug Add upstart tasks for cron jobs. 2028bc4
Neil Williams spladug Add script for starting/restarting queue consumer jobs. 5c80560
Neil Williams spladug Tweak wrap-job to support queue consumer naming conventions. 533e695
Neil Williams spladug Get rid of problematic buffering in job wrapper. da3bd2e
Neil Williams spladug Add queue consumer upstart jobs. 28cf919
Commits on Jun 01, 2012
shlurbee shlurbee more detailed promotion logging
Log creation/deletion of campaigns and include campaign id in promotion logs.
This change will make it easier to troubleshoot self-serve bugs.
Neil Williams spladug Don't show "Saved" tab on front page to unlogged users.
It 404s right now and is only there for legacy reasons anyway.
Keith Mitchell kemitche Some link flair updates weren't triggering search uploads 78ee90c
Neil Williams spladug Losslessly optimize JPEGs.
Disabled by default in example.ini. Install jpegoptim
or an equivalent and set the configuration properly.
Brian Simpson bsimpson63 Read reports and spam from new QueryCache. 634e9b1
Brian Simpson bsimpson63 Stop writing to old CachedResults for spam and reports. fb198d5
Brian Simpson bsimpson63 Reorganize queries.
del_or_ban, unban, clear_reports handle QueryCache queries more clearly.
Commits on Jun 04, 2012
Neil Williams spladug Add vote queue consumer upstart scripts. 20c126f
Neil Williams spladug Add upstart job for auto-reloading paster. 74a4a88
Neil Williams spladug Add install script. 5545459
shlurbee shlurbee Update config with new promocampaign thing table 55d2038
Neil Williams spladug query_cache: Gracefully handle zero-query merge. a1bb5ed
Brian Simpson bsimpson63 Delete things from spam_filtered queries. b27b634
Neil Williams spladug Remove unused CassandraClick model. 4e04740
Neil Williams spladug tdb_cassandra: Use Cassandra-native serialization for Date columns.
This has a couple of advantages:
 * interoperability with Cassandra tools (cassandra-cli / cqlsh)
 * smaller by 5-6 bytes on every column

From here on out, date columns will be written in the Cassandra
standard 8-byte integer (number of milliseconds since epoch) format.
Old-style stringified epoch seconds will be read properly.

This relies on Pycassa's new UTC-based behaviour in 1.7.
Neil Williams spladug Add model for new Last Modified system.
This will replace the current stuff in The idea is that
by storing the various last modified timestamps for a thing in a single
row together, we can save Cassandra round trips and seeks per request.
Neil Williams spladug Dual-write last visit timestamp. 555c02a
Neil Williams spladug SearchBuilder: don't keep items with deleted authors. dbaa48e
Commits on Jun 05, 2012
Neil Williams spladug Implement domain bans that inform user of block at submit time. 44ebdeb
Commits on Jun 08, 2012
git001 Merge remote branch 'upstream/master'
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