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# vim: set filetype=sh:
alias mtab='cat /etc/mtab'
alias fstab='cat /etc/fstab'
alias today='date +%d/%m/%y'
alias :e='vim'
alias :q='exit'
alias ll='ls -lh'
alias lc='ls --color=auto'
alias llc='ls -lh --color=auto'
alias grep-c='grep --color'
alias egrep-c='egrep --color'
alias fgrep-c='fgrep --color'
alias bx='bundle exec'
# can't use @ as a function name
alias @='skip'
# some of these hide shell commands (eg 'reset', 'diff')
# to bypass use: 'command reset', 'command diff', etc.
# 'stash' implemented as function
alias add='git add'
alias amend='git amend'
alias bisect='git bisect'
alias blame='git blame'
alias branch='git branch'
alias checkout='git checkout'
alias clone='git clone'
alias commit='git commit'
alias diff='git diff'
alias feature='git flow feature'
alias fetch='git fetch'
alias flow='git flow'
alias log='git log'
alias merge='git merge'
alias publish='git flow feature publish'
alias pull='git pull'
alias push='git push'
alias rebase='git rebase'
alias remote='git remote'
alias reset='git reset'
alias show='git show'
alias status='git status'
alias tag='git tag'
alias git-np='git --no-pager'
alias tree-log='git log --all --graph --decorate --oneline'
alias scr='screen -dmr'
alias scl='screen -list'
alias scs='screen -S'
alias rm-pyc="find . -name '*.pyc' -delete"
[[ -e ~/.aliasrc_local ]] && . ~/.aliasrc_local