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@flaix flaix released this 09 Apr 17:03
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Update Note

The 1.9 minor version is the last to support Java 7. From 1.10 on Gitblit will require Java 8.


There is a security vulnerability in version 1.9.2, which allows an attacker to gain
elevated access rights. This is present when the Config User Service is used as the
user service, which is the default.

Version 1.9.2 introduced a new implementation to store user data in the user config file
which holds user name, password, access rights etc. This was done to solve problems with
very large user bases (PR #1364). This new implementation does not properly escape all
control characters, like newline and tab. As a result, a normal user, when logged into
Gitblit, can edit his profile data and enter values in e.g. the email address that are
interpreted as control characters in the text file stored on disk. This allows the malicious
user to give themselves e.g. elevated access rights on their account.

This is fixed in 1.9.3. Updates of existing installations should be made to 1.9.3, not 1.9.2.

Many thanks to Github user @YYHYlh for finding and reporting this issue (issue #1410).


  • Fix escaping control characters in config user service, resolving a security vulnerability. (issue #1410)

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