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@gitbrent gitbrent released this Feb 9, 2019 · 4 commits to master since this release


  • Make Shapes available for a front-end usage #137 (spamforhope)
  • Ability to rotate chart axis labels (catAxisLabelRotate/valAxisLabelRotate) #378 (teejayvanslyke)
  • New Chart Type: 3D bar charts #384 (loictro)
  • New Chart Feature: Add Data Labels to Scatter Charts #420 (ReimaFrgos)
  • Add new chart options: catAxisLabelFontBold,dataLabelFontBold,legendFontFace,valAxisLabelFontBold #426 (BandaSatish07)
  • Add missing jpg content type to fix corrupt presentation for Office365 #435 (antonandreyev)
  • Add catAxisMinVal and catAxisMaxVal #462 (vrimar)
  • New Chart Option: valAxisCrossesAt #474 (ReimaFrgos)
  • Docs: Show how to save as Blob using client browser #478 (crazyx13th)


  • Fixed: Dynamic Text Options do not apply #427 (sunnyar)
  • Removed: legacy/deprecated attributes from README javascript script tags #431 (efx)
  • Fixed: issue with SlideNumber fontSize float values #432 (efx)
  • Fixed: query and fragment from image URL extension #433 (katsuya-horiuchi)
  • Changed: Replace "$" with "jQuery" to fix integration issues with some applications #436 (antonandreyev)
  • Changed: Export more types to enhance TypeScript support #443 (ntietz)
  • Fixed: Rounding in percentage leads to small deviations #470 (Slidemagic) #475 (ReimaFrgos)
  • Fixed: Hyperlinks causing duplicate relationship ID when other objects on page #477 (ReimaFrgos)
  • Fixed: ordering of paragraph properties #485 (sleepylemur)
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