Provides Emoji support for GitBucket
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gitbucket-emoji-plugin Build Status

This plug-in provides Emoji support for GitBucket.

  • Convert Emoji directives in Markdown or other places as images
  • Suggest Emoji directives in the textarea

Completion Emoji in textarea

See Emoji cheat sheet for Campfire and GitHub to know what emoji are available.

Plugin version GitBucket version
4.5.x 4.18.x -
4.4.x 4.10.x -
4.3.x 4.3.x - 4.9.x


Download jar file from plugin registry and put into GITBUCKET_HOME/plugins.

Build from source

Run sbt assembly and copy generated /target/scala-2.12/gitbucket-emoji-plugin-assembply-x.x.x.jar to ~/.gitbucket/plugins/ (If the directory does not exist, create it by hand before copying the jar), or just run sbt install.