A GitBucket plug-in to provides email notifications feature
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This plug-in provides notifications feature on GitBucket.

Plugin version GitBucket version
1.6.x 4.26.x
1.5.x 4.23.x - 4.25.x
1.4.x 4.19.x - 4.22.x
1.2.x, 1.3.x 4.17.x - 4.18.x
1.1.x 4.16.x
1.0.x 4.15.x


The current version of plug-in provides features such as:

  • Pre-included notifications (see below)
  • Watching repositories
  • Subscribing to issues

Pre-included notifications

GitBucket can send email notifications to users if this feature is enabled by an administrator.

You'll automatically receive these notifications when:

  • Opened issues (new issues, new pull requests)
    • When a record is inserted into the ISSUE table
  • Comments
    • Among the records in the ISSUE_COMMENT table, them to be counted as a comment (i.e. the record ACTION column value is "comment" or "close_comment" or "reopen_comment") are inserted
  • Updated state (close, reopen, merge)
    • When the CLOSED column value is updated

Notified users are as follows:

  • individual repository's owner
  • group members of group repository
  • collaborators
  • participants

However, the person performing the operation is excluded from the notification.

Watching repositories

When you watch a repository, you get notifications. You can unwatch a repository to receive notifications when participating. If you won't receive any notifications, you select Ignoring.

Subscribing to issues

You can subscribe or unsubscribe to individual issues.

Build from source

Run sbt assembly and copy generated /target/scala-2.12/gitbucket-notifications-plugin-assembply-x.x.x.jar to ~/.gitbucket/plugins/ (If the directory does not exist, create it by hand before copying the jar), or just run sbt install.