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How to run from the source tree

Run for Development

If you want to test GitBucket, input following command at the root directory of the source tree.

$ sbt ~jetty:start

Then access to http://localhost:8080/ by your browser. The default administrator account is root and password is root.

Source code modification is detected and reloaded automatically. You can modify logging configuration by editing src/main/resources/logback-dev.xml.

Build war file

To build war file, run the following command:

$ sbt package

gitbucket_2.11-x.x.x.war is generated into target/scala-2.11.

To build executable war file, run

$ sbt executable

at the top of the source tree. It generates executable gitbucket.war into target/executable. We release this war file as release artifact.

Run tests spec

To run the full serie of tests, run the following command:

sbt test