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Enabling SSH access to repository

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You can enable SSH for Git access at the system settings page. A hostname and a port number which are used for SSH access are required.

SSH configuration

Also, you have to set the base url of your GitBucket instance to enable SSH access. Note that if you have a reverse proxy and it has a different hostname from the GitBucket server, a hostname in the base url is different from a hostname for SSH.

Base URL is required

Then, repository url for SSH becomes available.

SSH became available

SSH key

Users who want to use SSH for Git access have to register their SSH keys to GitBucket.

First, create a key using ssh-keygen:

$ ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 4096 -C ""

id_rsa and are generated in ~/.ssh. Then, register the content of at the account settings of GitBucket:

Register public key

That's all. SSH access is now available.

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