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How to Close Reference issues and pull request

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Closing issues

Find below a list of keywords that MUST appear in a commit message to perform a close action on an issue.

The message MUST contain a string matching the following pattern: KEYWORD #ISSUE. For example: close #1

  • close #X
  • closes #X
  • closed #X
  • fix #X
  • fixes #X
  • fixed #X
  • resolve #X
  • resolves #X
  • resolved #X

It is also possible to close several issues in the same commit: just repeat several time the pattern to close issues. For example, the following commit message: add new quick sort algorithm, fixes #4, resolve #6, closed #12 would close, the issues 4, 6 & 12 of the project on which the commit would occur.

Closing Pull Request

Not yet available in version `3.4

Referencing Issues and Pull Requests

just use the pattern #NUMBER in a commit message or in any comment on issues/PRs to make an html link reference to the item corresponding to #NUMBER.

NUMBER can be the numeric identifier of either an Issue or a PullRequest.

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