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Importing existing repos

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This guide assumes:

  • You have a working installation of GitBucket and admin access
  • You have access to the existing repositories (either on you local filesystem or via remote access)

In this example

  • We're migrate the gitbucket organization on Github to acme group on local GitBucket installation
  • Local GitBucket is available at gitbucket.acme.local (HTTP and SSH available on default ports)
  • You have bash, git, httpie, and jq, all of these are available on popular systems like Ubuntu/CentOS/OSX(Homebrew). (TODO: Windows)
  • We're going to authenticate via SSH
  • We're migrating repository only, no issue/pr/wiki

Migration steps:

  • Add your ssh pub key to your GitBucket user
  • Create the organization on GitBucket manually
  • List all repos from existing system via API
  • Create and push them to GitBucket (preserving all refs)

Here is a working script for migrating all repos from to a local installation. We're only providing this example as a skeleton for your migration, not a definitive guide for every system out there.


repos=`http | jq -r '.[].name'`

for repo in `echo $repos`; do
    echo "--- Migrating $repo"
    rm -rf $TMP

    # clone from source
    git clone --mirror$repo $TMP

    # create the repo on gitbucket
    http --auth $gb_userpass POST http://gitbucket.acme.local/api/v3/orgs/acme/repos name=$repo

    # push to gitbucket
    pushd $TMP
    git remote set-url origin ssh://git@gitbucket.acme.local/acme/$repo.git
    git push origin --mirror -f

    popd && rm -rf $TMP
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