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LDAP Authentication Settings

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GitBucket added support for LDAP Authentication in the version 1.5. This Wiki page describes how to configure and troubleshoot it.


LDAP Prerequisites

User accounts do NOT need to exist in Gitbucket first. When an LDAP user tries to authenticate, a new Gitbucket user will be created automatically. When an existing user tries to authenticate, LDAP will be searched first. Therefore existing Gitbucket users will be able to login with their LDAP password as soon as LDAP is configured.

LDAP Prerequisites

  • Gitbucket needs access to search the LDAP server to convert a username into a DN in LDAP. If this cannot be done anonymously (most common) then a Bind DN and Bind password need to be configured with access to search the directory for users.
  • Gitbucket reads the extended information (full name and email address) as the user logging in. Therefore LDAP users need access to read their own entry in LDAP.


  1. Login as Admin
  2. Go to Administration and click System Settings
  3. Check LDAP and enter the LDAP configuration:
Name Description Example Value
LDAP Host LDAP host name
LDAP Port LDAP port 389 (default 389)
Bind DN Username that has read access to the LDAP uid=binduser,cn=bindclients,dc=example,dc=com
Bind Password Password for Bind DN account password
Base DN Top level DN of your LDAP directory tree (used for user search) dc=example,dc=com
User name attribute Name of the LDAP attribute. This is used as the GitBucket username uid
Additional filter condition LDAP filter query. Only users matching this filter are allowed to log in |(memberOf=cn=Accounting,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com)(memberOf=cn=Development,ou=Groups,dc=example,dc=com)
Mail address attribute Email address of LDAP attribute mail
Enable TLS Whether to use encrypted connection checked
Keystore Path to the Java keystore /etc/pki/java/cacerts


Default system keystore is in:


or in:


Custom keystore can be set either in /etc/sysconfig/gitbucket by specifying the following option:


or in GitBucket's System Settings as described above.

You can use the following command to add your CA certificate to the keystore:

$ keytool -import \
-file /path/to/your/cacert.pem \
-alias <your_cert_alias> \
-keystore /path/to/your/keystore

Older versions of Java don't know how to import certificate if it contains anything else than the certificate itself. Then it's necessary to strip everything else out like this:

$ cat /path/to/your/cacert.pem | sed -ne '/-BEGIN CERTIFICATE-/,/-END CERTIFICATE-/p' > /tmp/cacert.pem
$ keytool -import -trustcacerts -alias <your_cert_alias> -file /tmp/cacert.pem -keystore /path/to/your/keystore

You can list all keys from the keystore like this:

$ keytool -list -keystore /path/to/your/keystore


LDAP debugging was enabled in the version 1.7. So if something goes wrong, you should see the error in the log file:

15:43:56.529 [qtp1820788751-15] INFO  service.AccountService - LDAP Authentication Failed: System LDAP authentication failed.
15:43:37.386 [qtp1820788751-15] INFO  service.AccountService - LDAP Authentication Failed: User does not exist
15:49:34.565 [qtp1820788751-18] INFO  service.AccountService - LDAP Authentication Failed: User LDAP Authentication Failed.
15:41:09.370 [qtp1820788751-16] INFO  service.AccountService - LDAP Authentication Failed: Can't find mail address.

The following is the explanation for the above error messages:

  • System LDAP authentication failed
    • Failed to access LDAP server by using Bind DN and Bind Password
    • Wrong LDAP Host, LDAP Port, Bind DN or Bind Password
  • No Such Object LDAPException: Matched DN:
    • Could not read the user entry as that user
    • User access to their own entry in LDAP may not have been granted
  • User does not exists
    • LDAP searched the user account from Base DN but did not find it
  • User LDAP Authentication Failed
    • Found user but failed to login (maybe wrong Bind Password)
  • Can't find mail address
    • Found user and user authentication succeed but did not find email address (wrong Mail address attribute)
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