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CodeCareer's aim to save coders time & stress by creating a platform to source & match jr developers with 50,000 unfilled software development roles.


  1. hiring-system hiring-system Public

    CodeCareer is seeking core contributors to take the lead on this project.

    JavaScript 19 18

  2. discord-bot discord-bot Public

    CodeCareer is committed to helping new developers make their first PR!

    JavaScript 8 7

  3. open-source open-source Public

    A global repository to store information and gather feedback about our current and future open-source projects

    5 2

  4. Career-Roadmaps Career-Roadmaps Public

    A Career Roadmap For Newbie & Jr Web Developers

    CSS 12

  5. express-node-snippets express-node-snippets Public


  6. culture-fit-interview-questions culture-fit-interview-questions Public

    6 2


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