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  Title: Q1 2018 OKRs
  Status: Active
  Type: Meta
  Author: Kevin Owocki
  Created: 2018-01-01

What is an OKR?

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a popular leadership process for setting, communicating and monitoring quarterly goals and results in organizations

OKRs for Q1 2018

  • Retention: Maintain a high net promoter score
    • For repo owners
    • For funders
    • For developers
  • Growth: Capture leads from web3 community
    • Grow slack community to 3k
    • Grow mailing list to 5k
    • Grow twitter audience to 5k
    • Grow iOS app to 500 WAU
  • Strategic: Finger on the pulse
    • Figure out positioning relative to other future of work platforms
    • Figure out how to be the best solution for the demand side of bounty market
    • Figure out sustainability part of equation
  • Team
    • Grow the team
    • Maintain above-industry-average diversity