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  Title: Q2 2018 OKRs
  Status: Active
  Type: Meta
  Author: Gitcoin Team
  Created: 2018-04-01

OKRs for Q2 2018

scale current platform

  • increasing the number of emails/twitter/slack followers by 2x
  • scale to $100k worth of lifetime work on the platform
  • scale to $25k worth of quarterly velocity on the platform
  • have 15 repeat (3+ times) repo customers
  • Lay the groundwork for creation of an advisory board which contains other strategically important relationships in the OSS + Blockchain space.

understand our customer

  • Further understand our users before May
    • Understand the funder's lifecycle:
      • current experience, tasks, painpoints, decision making
    • Understand the developers lifecycle:
      • How many people graduate / find new work in the space and move on from gitcoin?
      • How many give up bc ETH is tanking? How many give up because Gitcoin is broken / too hard?
      • If they give up, when?
  • Plug leaks in the cohort analysis before June
  • Have a 9 NPS

rapid hypothesis testing in OSS sustainability

  • Launch/test at least 3 OSS funding tools
    • Balance with maintaining focus on core product. Perhaps only maintain 4 active tests at a time.
  • Launch an MVP of our secret project before July
  • Launch an MVP of codefund