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Title: Q3 2018 OKRs
Status: Active
Type: Meta
Author: Gitcoin Team
Created: 2018-07-01
# OKRs for Q3 2018
**Objective: Scale Our Current Product + Community**
- Lifetime Work $500k
- $150k in Work Done
- Triple Active Bounty Hunters [167 → 500]
- Double Active Funder Numbers [39 → 78]
- Double Organizations [41 → 82]
- Grow top of marketing funnel by 4k (8K → 12K)
- Launch & test Dev Grants / Secret Project
**Objective: Increase Platform Quality**
- Successfully launch four new features to support business (scale KPIs) and improve core product functionality by Q3
- Understand what our contributors (5) and non contributors (5) think by the end of Q3
- Be able to scale up individual coding languages quickly
- Increase average bounty size by 25%
- Reduce the time it takes from Bounty Started → Bounty Completed by 10%
- Deliver V1 of the Design System by End of Q3
- Reduce user questions by delivering more robust guides, faq, how to on by end of Q3
**Objective: Test Revenue Generating Opportunities**
- Codefund Revenue $25k
- Test 2 Gitcoin business models (Managed Bounties + Kudos)
**Objective: Build Strategic Relationships**
- Deepen our relevance as a place in the Ethereum ecosystem that can do scalable capital deployment
- Scale up to $100K+ in live bounties via in our EF grant budget (Current: ~$5K)
- Create self-sustaining bounty programs with 10+ major Ethereum project leads (they just continuously tag things as ‘bounty-worthy’ and we do so intermittently)
- Create awareness of our mission in the broader Open Source ecosystem
- Post $5k in bounties in the overall OSS ecosystem (not Web3)
- Make a splash at 2-3 strategic conferences in the broader Open Source ecosystem
- Add 3 Great Advisory Board Members
- 3 new Grant partnerships

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