Official WordPress plugin for CodeFund
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Official CodeFund Wordpress Plugin

The official way to display ads from CodeFund on your Wordpress blog.


The WordPress Plugin Boilerplate includes the following files:

  • The file that you’re currently reading.
  • A screenshots directory that contains screenshots of the ads on an example Wordpress blog and of the config panel.
  • A codefund directory that contains the source code for the plugin.


  • Display ads in your main post loop from CodeFund campaigns on your Wordpress blog.
  • Configure how often (post count) you'd like to see your posts displayed in a dashboard in your Wordpress backend.


  • Copy codefund into wp_content/plugins folder in your wordpress site.
  • Navigate to the plugins admin panel in the Wordpress backend and activate the plugin.
  • Configure the plugin with your property ID. alt text
    • You can get this in the CodeFund dashboard by viewing your property (where you get the embed javascript code from) and extract the ID from the source in the script.
    • i.e. <script src=""></script>
  • Set the frequency for your ads to display. (Ads will display every 2 posts, i.e.) alt text
  • See your ads!