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StandardBounties CLI Funder

This cli tool is being built for @owocki.


In order to start using the CLI tool you'll need to make a secrets.json file in the root directory of this repo with the schema below. Update the mnemonic key with the mnemonic you want to use to fund your bounties. You can specify a different location for secrets.json using the --secret parameter.

  "mnemonic" : "candy maple cake sugar pudding cream honey rich smooth crumble sweet treat"

Create an account in Infura. Go to Infura Dashboard and create a new project. You can name it whatever you want. Once the project is created, you can see the PROJECT ID of the created project. Copy that and assign it to infura_project_id present in funder/config/ (line 10) file.


In order to make this tool as easy and configurable as possible, many arguments have default values set in the defaults.json file. Inside there, it's possible to set defaults for things like gas price, gas limit, GitHub username, privacy settings, etc.


For a full list of available options, run the script with the --help flag from the command line.

The minimum number of parameters needed to get started is just the bounty's corresponding issue URL and the amount you wish to put on the bounty.

python3 funder/ 0.01

You should now have an interactive console come up that looks like this:

Github: c-o-l-o-r
Title: First bounty!
Description: This is a test bounty.
Keywords: test,bounty
Experience: beginner
Length: hours
Type: feature

Each of the fields from above also has corresponding flags and can be chosen directly from the command line. The following invocation will skip over asking for our Github username since it has already been provided.

python3 funder/ 0.01 --github c-o-l-o-r

We can do even better though! The following describes a bounty the is for beginner experience levels, will only take a handful of hours to complete, and a feature type.

python3 funder/ 0.01 -bhf --github c-o-l-o-r

Tokens can be specified using --token DAI where DAI is the token's symbol you wish to use (provided it is already in or you can use --token-address to specify an address of an ERC20 token you wish fund a bounty with.

python3 funder/ 0.1 -ahf --github c-o-l-o-r --title title --description description --keywords key,word --token-address 0x4354321ef77766e2ec327ce58d3dff8358d46208

If you want to bypass the address confirmation, you can use the --confirm flag.

python3 funder/ 0.01 --confirm
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