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Gitcoin Data Operations

Welcome to the Gitcoin data operations repository. This is where you'll find new data initiatives, documentation for the various lifetime and quarterly OKRs we're tracking, and various bits of reproducible SQL and Python code that we use to compose these metrics.

Code of Conduct

Contributions to Gitcoin are governed by the Contributor Covenant version 1.4. All contributors and participants agree to abide by its terms. To report violations, shoot out an email to founders@gitcoin.co

The Code of Conduct is designed and intended, above all else, to help establish a culture within the project that allows anyone and everyone who wants to contribute to feel safe doing so.

Open, diverse, and inclusive communities live and die on the basis of trust. Contributors can disagree with one another so long as they are done in good faith and everyone is working towards a common goal.


  1. Please checkout the detailed contribution guideline.

  2. Gitcoin analytics is currently being migrated to https://metabase.gitcoin.co/. In order to contribute, access to Metabase must be granted. Please reach out to Mark Beacom (@mark or mark.beacom@consensys.net) for further instructions.