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🌱 Welcome to the Gitcoin Community Governance documentation.


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Gitcoin Governance Contracts

For Gitcoin governance's initial milestone one release we establish the foundational components of a decentralized governance system based primarily on the standard set by Compound Finance.

The retroactive GTC token distribution is front lined by the Quadratic Lands experience where users claim their GTC tokens based on past activities and contributions on You can find more information on the GTC Airdrop here.

Contract Deployment & Admin Guides:

You can find the Gitcoin Governance repository here.

Here you can find a guide on how to deploy the Gitcoin governance contracts with Brownie.

Primary Contracts

  1. GTC.sol - Mainnet contract @ 0xDe30da39c46104798bB5aA3fe8B9e0e1F348163F - ERC20 contract for the GTC Token forked from Uni.sol.
  2. TokenDistributor.sol - Mainnet contract @ 0xDE3e5a990bCE7fC60a6f017e7c4a95fc4939299E - Retroactive distribution contract used to distribute initial batch of GTC tokens to the community.
  3. GovernorAlpha.sol - Mainnet contract @ 0xDbD27635A534A3d3169Ef0498beB56Fb9c937489The governance module for the protocol.
  4. TimeLock.sol - Mainnet contract @ 0x57a8865cfB1eCEf7253c27da6B4BC3dAEE5Be518 - The Timelock contract can modify system parameters, logic, and contracts in a 'time-delayed, opt-out' upgrade pattern.
  5. TreasuryVester.sol - Mainnet contract @ 0x44Aa9c5a034C1499Ec27906E2D427b704b567ffe - Contract used to establish vested treasury for tokens.

The GTC.sol contract is an ERC20 contract forked from Uniswap/Compound. Beyond the standard ERC20 functionally it also has a token delegation feature that allows token holders to allocate voting shares to other addresses or delegates. More detailed info on the contract can be found here.

The primary purpose of our token distribution contract is to facilitate retroactive distribution of GTC tokens to users of the Gitcoin protocol.

3 - GovernorAlpha

Gitcoin GovernorAlpha

4 - TimeLock

Gitcoin TimeLock

5 - TreasuryVester

Gitcoin TerasuryVester

See the Governance Reference for more info on how GTC style governance works


🌱 Welcome to the Gitcoin Community Governance documentation.







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