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This repository contains the Kudos artwork that what is shown on the Gitcoin Kudos marketplace


Kudos are a recurring revenue stream for artists.


Kudos is a non-fungible token that is created on the Ethereum blockchain, and can be sold to the Gitcoin Kudos marketplace.

For Funders

Want your own Kudos?

Here's what to do:

  1. Open up a Github Issue here.
  2. Fill out the template.
  3. Pay for the kudos art.
  4. We will mint the kudos.
  5. You've got a branded kudos!

For Artists:


There are two options for compensation for Kudos:

  1. Self Sovereign - When a new Kudos is created, the ETH sent during that minting process is directly sent to the illustrator who created the Kudos artwork. In some cases, Gitcoin may also take a 10% fee to help keep the lights on.
  2. Gitcoin-Funded - Gitcoin will pay you for each piece of artwork, and will collect the self sovereign (#1) funds. Email us a link to your portfolio to be considered.

Right now, we expect that most ppl will want to do Gitcoin-Funded kudos art. But down the line, when people are making $100s per day off their Kudos art, we hope people will consider the self sovereign route.

to create a new Kudos

Not an artist?

  1. Open up a Github Issue here.
  2. Gitcoin will connect you with an artist who can work on your Kudos.

Are you an artist?

Here's how to work on Kudos:

  1. Kudos must be ORIGINAL art or art you own the liscense to. If you are creating a Gitcoin-funded kudos, email us to negotiate a rate for your artwork. Please include your portfolio link. If you are going the Self Sovereign route, skip this step and proceed to next step.
  2. Checkout the latest kudos design guide. You can download the base kudos template here: illustrator template or the svg template
  3. Checkout the latest ideas for kudos (specifically the TODO column).
  4. Submit this form to get your kudos minted on chain

Dev Stuff

Naming schema

For consistency, name all images with all lowercase letters and underscores between each word. For example,

  • level_up.svg
  • night_owl.svg

kudos.yaml file

This file contains the information about each of the kudos artifacts. When adding a new Kudos, please add a corresponding record to the file.

This python script reads the images directory and creates a kudos.yaml file. It uses the filename to create the name, the image field. The rest of the fields are sample defaults.

You only need to run this script if the kudos.yaml file doesn't already exist.

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