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Kudos General Documentation

How do I get/test kudos on my local RPC node

This answer assumes you're using docker.

Run these commands

# start from the directory on your local filesystem that contains the gitcoinco web repo
cd ..
git clone
cd Kudos721Contract
npm install openzeppelin
cd ../web
bash scripts/mint_test_kudos.bash

The above commands clone the Kudos smart contract, installs the dependencies, deploys the smart contract to ganache, and mints several kudos in the newly minted smart contract.

After the scripts/mint_test_kudos.bash script runs, you will have kudos on your local docker container, via the localhost RPC node

Where is Kudos deployed

Please checkout the github repo for Kudos to see this information.

Can I see the Kudos security audit

Please checkout the github repo for Kudos to see this information.

What is Kudos Direct Send

Kudos Direct Send (KDS) is a direct send of a Kudos ERC 721 NFT from one Ethereum address to another.

Are Kudos unique

Kudos are semi-fungible tokens. Each kudos has a limited production run which is designated in the smart contract in the numClonesAllowed variable..

For example, this kudos has a total of 200 that will ever be in existence.

When a new kudos is minted we create a new Gen 0 Kudos.

That Gen 0 Kudos can then be cloned up to numClonesAllowed times, which will create numClonesAllowed Gen 1 Kudos.

Creating limited production runs of Kudos allows us to manage the unit economics of Kudos. For example, it costs us $20 to pay our illustrator to create a new piece of artwork. Nobody is going to pay $20 for a Kudos NFT, so we instead offer a limited production run of 200 Kudos which are priced at $0.40 each. When that production run sells out, the artist has made gross $40 in revenue, which nets out to $20 in profit.

What is Kudos Indirect Send?

Kudos Indirect Send (KIS) enables Gitcoin users to send a Kudos to any github/gitcoin username. KIS is effectively a proxy account that can hold a Kudos 721 NFT until a recipient (who is authorized by a github username) claims it.

The Kudos Indirect send architecture diagram is available here

When is Kudos Indirect Send used and when is Kudos Direct Send Used?

If a user has set a preferred Ethereum address in their account, KDS will be used.

If not, KIS will be used.

I have a question that's not listed here

Checkout the Kudos FAQ here