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# See for more information about this file.
version: 3
# Don't count any vote from a user who votes for multiple options
prevent_doubles: false
# Add extra labels for the vote counts and age when merging
extra_labels: false
# At least three people should sign off on any pull request.
quorum: 1
# Required percentage of "yes" votes (ignoring abstentions). It's a good idea to give "no" votes more power.
threshold: 0.01
# Number of hours after last action (commit or opening the pull request) before issue can be merged
merge_delay: 1
# Close pull requests that don't pass after seven days without any activity (new commits).
timeout: 168
# Do not allow changes to the license.
license_lock: true
# Allow the consensus rules (this file) to be changed.
consensus_lock: false
# Wait for at least one hour before merging.
consensus_delay: 1
# Allow anyone to vote on this project, even if they've never contributed.
contributors_only: false
# Don't put any restrictions on who can vote.
collaborators_only: false
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