NewDM is a deathmatch Quake modification with balance changes based on community feedback.
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What is it?

NewDM is a deathmatch Quake modification with balance changes based on community feedback. It was originally programmed in 2007 using the progs106 (1996) source code as a starting point. I programmed this mod to be easily accessible so a veteran Quake player could join for the first time, notice a change from what they're normally used to in other deathmatch servers, and understand how these changes would alter the overall gameplay without forcing tutorial text in their face. There were some weapons in the original Quake deathmatch that were debatably useless in most scenarios once you get a hold of the rocket launcher. One of the major changes made for this mod was the rebalancing of some weaponry, making them on par with the rocket launcher. This altered the gameplay where players wouldn't have to rush for the rocket launcher if they hoped to win a match. Many other changes were made to balance the gameplay while keeping it similar enough to original Quake to prevent confusion. This mod was only made possible back then with of the support of the Quake community with active playtesters, server hosts, and programmers that would help me when I was stuck. I plan to continue my work on NewDM to make it a complete mod focusing on both fun gameplay and easy accessibility.

The Latest Version

The latest version of NewDM can be found on the project page under


The documentation for this release is included in the docs/ directory. The most up-to-date documentation can be found at TODO_MISSING_WIKI_LINK.


Please see the file called INSTALL.


Please see the file called LICENSE.