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Redirect to your websites using

Why? is a URL shortening service that will redirect to your Github projects. If you try to redirect to other domain out of (like your website) you won't be able to do it.

So this project will help you redirect to any website using super easy!

How to do it?


  • Go to _redirects.

  • Create an .html file with the name of the link you want to make.

  • Inside the file you need to copy the code below and paste it on you file, change it with you content.

permalink: /your-beautiful-link   <!-- The link where you want to redirect -->

So is that all?


Now you can go to and copy and paste your link there and when you are done, you will have a that will be redirected to


The website will only offer random short URLs.

So what if I want a mycool-name?

Well to have your custom vanity URL with you will need to use your command line.

$ curl -i -F "url=" -F "code=mycool-name"

where you will need to set the url= parameter with the link created by and code= with the value you'd like to set.

At this point when you type that will be redirected to

Note ⚠️

Websites won't be checked, but keep in mind to don't redirect to any abusive, racist or sexist website.

To use this service since it's owned by Github, Inc you will need to agree with the following:

Who to follow?

Carlos Abraham Logo
Carlos Abraham


Name Github
1 Carlos Abraham @abranhe
2 Jobayer Ahmed Mickey @mickeyvai
3 Kevin Adam @vnxx
4 Carlos @carlittoo7
5 Denis Oliveira @denisolvr
6 Andrea Sonny @andreasonny83
7 Lalit Kushwah @lalitkushwah
8 Eric Mshen @ericmshen
9 Hassangamal @hassangamal
10 Sean Kim @sungk44
11 Jyotsna Gupta @jyotsna17gupta
12 MysticSeagull @justinborzi
13 Mary Chew @marychew97
14 Wendy Segura @wendysegura
15 Rameez Ahmad @psycho-valker
15 Amiya @amiya-1998
16 Jefferson Neves @jeffersonrpn
17 Jefferson Neves @jeffersonrpn
18 Stephanie Velazquez @svelazquez
19 Sooryanarayanan B @mesooryanarayananb
20 Phenonamal @phenonamal
21 Samuel Requena @svelazquez
22 Ozlop @ozlop
23 Gasta @gcoria
24 Anantha Vijay @ananthavijay
25 Ravi Gupta @guptaravi540
26 Jacob Proffer @jacobproffer
27 Braunson @braunson
28 Izamglima @izamglima
29 MsWebGirl @mswebgirl
30 Ken Kelly @kenhkelly
31 Pankaj @erpankaj182
32 Dr-Wolf-ML @Dr-Wolf-ML
33 Alin Migea @alinmigea
34 swaager @swaager
35 Gabriel @gabrielcaballero
36 NickJansenCode @NickJansenCode
37 Peter Cruckshank @PeterCr
38 Kimberly Wong @kjowong
39 Eduard @TigerAsH94



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