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Hello world and other commented GameBoy assembly examples for beginners.


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Starting October 12th, 2023 GitHub is enforcing mandatory two-factor authentication on my account.
I'm not going to comply and move all my activity to GitLab instead.
Any future updates / releases will be available at:
Thanks and see you there!

Hello Game Boy!

This repo started as simple "Hello world!" for Gameboy (DMG) written in assembly language. Few stars later I thought I could start adding some other examples as well, including Game Boy Color (CGB). So here it is - new folder structure, makefiles for Windows / Linux and content that will gradually follow. Everything commented and ready to assemble and link with RGBASM. Currently it contains:

- Hello world
- Display picture composed of 242 unique tiles
- Display picture composed of 355 unique tiles
- Background scroll (clockwise)
- Reading joypad state
- Window
- Single, d-pad moveable sprite
- Meta sprite
- 8x8 sprite collision detection
- Game score in Binary Coded Decimal
- Game score in hexadecimal
- ClockBoy - timer based clock

- Display picture composed of 247 unique tiles, 8 palettes

On Windows make sure RGBDS binaries are added to path - here's how to in case you don't know. Otherwise you'd need to change path to files being included and use these commands for each source file:

rgbasm.exe -o hello.o hello.s
rgblink.exe -d -o hello.o
rgbfix.exe -p 0 -r 0 -v 


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