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@giterlizzi giterlizzi released this Apr 13, 2016 · 655 commits to master since this release

Bootstrap3 DokuWiki Template

What's new in v2016-04-13 release

In this release improved the stability, speed and the user experience with new layout for Detail page, new icons for Admin pages and 3th party plugins and new options. Added support for Loadskin and Semantic plugin. Updated FontAwesome and AnchorJS to latest release.


  • #164: Introduced new PHP function to wrap a DokuWiki content to replace/add or adjust code/tags/classes on server-side
  • #168: Added missing button style in Media Manager (thanks to @nkukard)
  • #170: Added missing Google Analytics code in detail.php (thanks to @AlekSet)
  • #175: Added Loadskin plugin support
  • Added Semantic plugin support
  • Added Bootstrap table style to User Import Failure table
  • Added automatic collapse of 2nd section levels in mobile devices and clean code
  • Added tocAffix (default: 1) option to disable/enable the affix of TOC
  • Added collapsibleSections (default:0) option to enable/disable 2nd section levels collapse
  • Added showSearchButton (default:0) option to enable/disable search button in navbar. Turn off to save space in navbar
  • Added forcewrapper=true in TOC to add initial <ul> tag


  • #161: Removed RSS Feed icon color (thanks to @AlekSet and @polyzen)
  • #171: Improvements in detail.php (thanks to @AlekSet for the idea)
  • #172: Changed color of toolbar in Bootswatch Cosmo theme (thanks to @drguildo)
  • #175: Use the tpl_basedir() function instead of deprecated DOKU_TPL constant (thanks to @umbomas)
  • #177: Changed alignment and layout of form elements for mobile devices (thanks to @blacklord049 on #177)
  • New layout for detail.php
  • Updated AnchorJS to v3.1.0
  • Updated FontAwesome to v4.6.0
  • Updated all translations from Transifex platform
  • Splitted plugins hacks (CSS and JS) in different files
  • Changed textarea font-family in edit mode
  • Using wl() function to build the Theme Switcher URL
  • Improvements in TOC, Admin Pages (new icons) and JS and Template engine
  • Using CSS instead of <i> tag to add icons in page, to reduce page size
  • Adding .mark class via PHP instead of JS
  • Moved <header> out of main <div>


  • Using .visible-*-block classes instead of deprecated .visible-* classes to detect media/device size


  • Removed old commented code


  • #26: Fixed regression image alignment after moving Bootstrap CSS before the custom CSS (thanks to @duenni)
  • #154: Fixed multiple count syntax in same page (thanks to @duenni)
  • #156: Fixed IE11 issue for User and Admin menu (thanks to @blacklord049)
  • #161: Added missing Feed URL (thanks to @AlekSet)
  • #163: Added new regex pattern to fix a .page-header with H1-H2 tags in sidebar (thanks to @blacklord049)
  • #166: Fixed TOC behavior with the same #ID in the article and sidebar (thanks to HanFox)
  • #174: Fixed Pagetools are behind the scrollbar on IE11 (thanks to @blacklord049)
  • #188: Fixed Media Manager popup issue on IE11 (thanks to @help53)
  • Fixed unexpected behavior for fluidContainer button and TOC
  • Fixed ScrollSpy behavior
  • Fixed unhexpected behavior in TOC for SQLite and Advanced plugin
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