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@giterlizzi giterlizzi released this Jul 5, 2016 · 546 commits to master since this release

Bootstrap3 DokuWiki Template

What's new in v2016-07-05 release

In this release improved stability and performance during rendering of the page. Fixed more issues, added new features and plugin support and updated the assets (Bootswatch, FontAwesome and AnchorJS). Added Bootstrap Documentation style for TOC (Table of Contents).
This release is compatible with DokuWiki "Elenor of Tsort" release with ACL support for sidebars and DokuWiki hooks.



  • #119, #223: Added ACL support for Sidebars (left and right) and for all DokuWiki hooks (eg. :navbar, :footer, etc) via "useACL" option (default: off). This feature is available since "Elenor of Tsort"
  • #162: Added new option ("tocCollapseOnScroll" - default is "on") to enable/disable automatic collapse of the TOC during the scroll of the page (thanks to @tysoncecka)
  • #193: Added localization variables for Admin TOC and sections in Configuration Manager
  • #208: Added missing function in DokuWiki "Hrun" release (thanks to @gropefruit)
  • #217: Added Linkback support (thanks to @downhamdave)
  • #219: Added Overlay plugin support (thanks to @lattekun)
  • #220: Added scroll animation and new UI for mobile for Footnote (thanks to @lattekun)
  • Added missing "create" action icon
  • Added new option ("navbarLabels") to display/hide labels on navbar
  • Added ARIA support for all dropdown menu
  • Added missing notify/alert style
  • Added fallback "dokuwiki" class in and elements for 3th party plugins
  • Added Korean language (thanks to @araname)
  • Added more bugs to fix later


  • Layout: Changed default Bootstrap layout and "page-id" font-size
  • Configuration Manager: Moved Bootstrap section builder from JS to PHP to increase the performance during rendering of the page
  • TOC: Switched to Bootstrap Documentation style
  • Engine: Increased the performance of template engine
  • Engine: Added some Bootstrap elements/classes (alerts, table, images, page-heading) via PHP engine instead of JS engine
  • Layout: Moved DokuWiki logo inline style to "template.less"
  • Layout: Added Bootstrap style to Difference page and optimized layout for Revisions and Recents pages
  • Asset: Reorganized Bootstrap & Bootswatch asset directory
  • Asset: Removed non-minified Bootstrap, Bootswatch and FontAwesome assets to save space
  • Asset: Updated FontAwesome to v4.6.3
  • Asset: Updated Bootswatch Themes to v3.3.6+2
  • Localization: Updated translations from Transifex platform
  • General: Reorganized and cleaned the code


  • #190: Fixed height of "Upload Extension" input form in "Extension Manager" (thanks to @blacklord049)
  • #191: Fixed visibility of config options on darker Bootswatch Themes (thanks to @oscon)
  • #198: Fixed Navbar container size (thanks to @aliasedv2)
  • #200: Fixed Admin Menu Collapses too fast issue (thanks to @issmirnov)
  • #201: Fixed Page Tools issue (thanks to @Digitalin)
  • #218: Fixed overlap on IE and Opera (thanks to @Soeldner)
  • Fixed visibility of 3th level of TOC
  • Fixed a Right Sidebar bahavior. Now the Right Sidebar is indipendent from Left Sidebar
  • Changed selector to fix fluid container functionality


  • Removed old and unused functions
  • Removed unused left and right sidebar grid options to increase the performance
  • Removed IE8 support
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